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What is Wooden World

Wooden bed

Wooden World Products manufactures doors from only the finest materials available.

Each piece is carefully inspected to ensure that the end result is a quality door uniform in color and free from defects. No veneers or fingerjoints are used in order to maintain our high standards of excellence.

Since we are a custom manufacturer, we can build your solid wood door to be truly "one of a kind." Whether it’s the addition of custom glass, a unique wrought iron piece, or some raised applied moulding for that finishing touch, your door becomes uniquely yours.

Although "Custom" usually means expensive, at Wooden World, we make custom, affordable.

Solid wood doors, interior or exterior can be customized to create a simple shaker design or a more traditional style with raised panels and ogee profiles.

Modern clean lines, or gentle curving arches are just one aspect of the many design elements to customize your door.

A wide selection of wood species are available to enhance and compliment your home, office or commercial space.

There is nothing that displays character more than the natural beauty of wood.

Adding both warmth and ambience to a room, it gives off a sense of 'coziness' that is unmatched by any other material.

Wood doors translate into instant tradition,whether it is the rustic appeal of pine, or the formal nature of cherry or mahogany, solid natural wood doors add timeless beauty that would be welcomed in any room.

At Wooden World Products we are committed to providing our customers with quality workmanship at competitive prices.

Together this translates into value for those who choose our products, and sets us apart from the rest.

As an added convenience, Wooden World completes orders in a timely fashion.